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Video AEEG

A video ambulatory electroencephalogram is a painless test that monitors your brain activity across a period of 48-72 hours. Doctors utilize these tests to assist in the diagnosis of seizure disorders of many types or to rule their presence out. Throughout the test you will wear 21 small painless disc electrodes on your scalp which will connect with a device worn on a harness that stores the data that is collected.

During the video AEEG testing, a small camera which you will place in the room with you captures audio and video recording throughout the test. Your doctor will examine the audio/video footage in order to correlate abnormal findings with environmental factors.

Doctors utilize EEG testing to diagnose conditions such as seizure disorders, epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, encephalitis, sleep disorders, memory problems, dementia, or stroke injury. The video component supplements the data that is collected from the leads worn directly on the head to give the doctor critical information about physiological and environmental signs that correlate with the data collected directly from the brain.

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Shower or bathe thoroughly the night before testing, as bathing and showering are not permitted until the test is complete. DO NOT USE ANY HAIR STYLING PRODUCTS INCLUDING CONDITIONERS, GELS, SPRAYS, MOUSSE OR OILS. HAIR PIECES, EXTENSIONS AND BRAIDS MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE SCALP PRIOR TO TESTING. Wear a front opening shirt with zippers or buttons so you can easily change clothes throughout the test.

An EEG technician will arrive at your home or physician’s office to set-up and test the video EEG monitoring equipment. Our technicians pass rigorous background checks and are highly trained and committed to your health and well-being.

The technician will apply EEG electrodes to your head with a paste that is made specifically for this type of testing. The wires transmit the electrical signals from your brain to the recording device in the harness. The electrodes are safe and are not invasive in any manner.

You will also be given a camera and a laptop computer as part of the video EEG monitoring service.

Plan to stay on camera as much as possible throughout the duration of the test. Remember, the more information the doctor has the more assistance she/he will have in making a proper diagnosis.

At the conclusion of testing, the technician will return to your home or the doctors office to remove the electrodes, camera and laptop computer. Your doctor should receive the results of your test within seven business days and the test will become part of your medical records.

The data from the test, including the video and audio gathered are HIPPA protected and handled with the utmost confidentiality. Your privacy is our priority.

Your doctor has ordered home (ambulatory) EEG testing with video to provide them with a longer duration of time to record and see any abnormal activity coming from the brain. The longer the testing period the more time that is available to see events triggered outside of the clinical setting. Thus, it is EXTREMELY important to keep the equipment connected and stay in front of the camera as much as possible during the test. It is our goal to provide you with the most accurate test possible.